The place on a chart where the buying of futures contracts is sufficient to halt a price decline. Chicago Board of Trade glossary
A horizontal price range where price hovers due to buying pressure before attempting a downward move. The CENTER ONLINE Futures Glossary
An effective lower bound on prices supported because of many willing buyers at that price level. Bloomberg Financial Dictionary

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I. support sup‧port 1 [səˈpɔːt ǁ -ɔːrt] verb [transitive]
1. to provide enough money for something to begin or continue:

• Community funds will be available to support the plan.

2. to show you agree with a person or group of people, or their ideas, plans etc:

• 10 countries indicated they would support a suspension of production quotas.

• Most lawmakers strongly support governmental policy.

• Sony issued a statement supporting the chief executive.

3. to help a system continue to work properly:

• The company will provide equipment to support the complex electronics systems.

• A Group of Seven move to support the dollar had been disappointing.

4. to show or prove that something is true or correct:

• We've got a good, solid defense case supported by clinical research.

• Many economists believe the economic recovery will be slow, and yesterday's data supported that view.

  [m0] II. support support 2 noun [uncountable]
1. money or other help given to someone or something:

• The young entrepreneur had approached the bank several times for financial support.

• Developing countries will require technical support.

ˈprice supˌport ECONOMICS
a system in which a government pays farmers the difference between the real market price for their products and a higher agreed price:

• The strength of the farm lobby prompted the US administration to operate a price support system.

2. approval and encouragement for a person or group of people, or their ideas, plans etc:

• The striking workers have key support from their labor unions.

• The rate cut found widespread support within Japan.

price support support for something

• Shareholders believe there is adequate support for the proposal.

price support in support of something

• Many financial services companies are lobbying in support of the new laws.

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   Support is a level, usually identified on a price chart, where buying interest is strong enough to overcome selling pressure so that the price does not fall beyond the support level.
   ► See also Resistance, Trendline.

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support UK US /səˈpɔːt/ verb [T]
to show that you agree with someone or something and want to encourage them: »

If your boss raises any objections, I'm willing to support you.


I don't support the idea of outsourcing the work.

to help someone, or offer help with something, when this is needed: »

Unfortunately the company can no longer support this software.


We offer insight into how to build a service strategy to support your growth objectives.


We'll do all we can to support our customers during this difficult period.

to give a person the money they need in order to buy food and clothes and pay for somewhere to live: »

My starting salary wasn't enough to support a family.

if you support an activity, you provide money for it: »

The drug company is supporting cancer research.


I don't know how they manage to support their expensive lifestyle.


We are calling on the Government to support the arts.

to hold something firmly or carry its weight, especially from below to stop it from falling: »

The frame needs to be strong enough to support the engine assembly.

to stop something from falling in value, or becoming less strong: »

The Bank of England has taken measures to support the pound.

to help to show that something is true: »

These figures support my argument.


You can't make a statement like that without any supporting documentation.

support UK US /səˈpɔːt/ noun [U]
agreement with and encouragement for an idea, group, or person: support for sb/sth »

There was little support for the proposal among the Board members present.

in support of sth »

The postal workers have come out on strike in support of their pay claim.


Environmental groups are fast gaining support among young people.


The new legislation received widespread support.

emotional or practical help: »

We are going to need a lot of support if we want to get this job done on time.

support for sb/sth »

Is there any hope of getting financial support for the project?

the act of stopping something falling in value or becoming less strong: support for sth »

The Bank has promised support for the ailing currency.

something that helps to show that something is true: support for sth »

These new facts gave me some support for my interpretation.

in support of sth »

Do you have any data in support of your theory?

See also CUSTOMER SUPPORT(Cf. ↑customer support), PRICE SUPPORT(Cf. ↑price support), TECHNICAL SUPPORT(Cf. ↑technical support)

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